About ACMI 2009

This is the wiki for the American College of Medical Informatics 2009 Winter Symposium held February 19 to 22, 2009, at the The Don CeSar Beach Resort in St. Pete's Beach, Florida, USA

What is the role of Biomedical and Health Informatics?

The purpose of this year's retreat is to create a roadmap for how the field of Biomedical and Health Informatics can enable and accelerate the benefits of personalized healthcare (PH). Opening introductory sessions on Friday and Saturday will introduce the topic and review some known issues and challenges. The introductory sessions will include ample time for reflections and discussion by the entire group. The discussion session will be followed by small group breakout sessions to allow focused discussion of specific topics. A given breakout will cover more than one topic.

In the final session we will synthesize the conclusions from the breakout sessions and outline a course for biomedical informatics practice, education, and research to realize the maximum benefits at the earliest point in time for PH.

The Scientific Affairs committee is responsible for the meeting design and is comprised of Stan Huff (Chair), Ed Hammond, Scott Evans, Patti Brennan, Justin Starren, and Joyce Mitchell (ex-officio).

About the ACMI Winter Symposium

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