Standards to Support Personalized Healthcare

ACMI Breakout,February 21, 2009
Jim Cimino, leader; Ken Goodman, scribe

Powerpoint file: Standards.ppt


Standards for
PHR, genomics, decision support (pts, providers)
Functional specs
Lay terminology > mapping rules > clinical terminology (and vice versa)

Preference descriptions, terminology

SNOMED additions/expansions

Develop standard data fields (pull-down menus, rollovers)

Symptoms, priorities, preferences, …

Pts rarely want to enter data > need simplicity



Functional, operational standards

Need to identify pt input as such (source of data)

Nonrepudiation, attribution

Need to control PHR-EHR conflict re pt alteration, hiding, deleting …

Meta-data to characterize data origin/source, reliability, accuracy

Annotation management

Clinical genetics from labs > EHRs models for updating DB with associations
Knowledge exchange between DBs
Knowledge representation
Disease-gene interaction; cf drug-drug interactions
Minimum info needed to characterize data
Knowledge maintenance and propagation
Preferred terms

CDS consortium
ONC to

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